Smooth For Summer Sale!

IPL laser hair removal for men

A Smooth That Lasts Ages

Don't put up with having to trim the prickly regrowth on your twig-n-berries every 3 days. Get lasting smoothness for your body, butt and balls. 

Introducing the Fuzz Gun 2.0, the most effective way to blow the fuzz off your apricots, and keep them as smooth as billiard balls, with no nicks or cuts, no 3-day-regrowth prickles, and up to 4 months of silky smoothness between sessions.

Snow Balls™ Ice Cooling Technology

Our Snow Balls™ Ice Cooling Technology cools the flash window down to 5°C, dissipating all heat to give you the gentlest, pain-free hair removal session possible, and as there are no blades, you can't possibly nick your nuts. 

Men's laser hair removal. Long term hair free manscaping
Dude Pruner keeps you hair free permanently.

A Lifetime of Flashes

999,999 flashes gives you more than 30 years of silky smooth hair-free skin. More than enough for you and your better half to sport matching landing strips.

Up To 4 Months of Fuzz-Free Apricots

Trimming your jewels every 3 days, only to be left with a prickly pair is a thing of the past. Keep your balls, butt, and back hair free for up to 4 months between treatments. 

Men's IPL laser hair removal device. The Fuzz Gun 2.0

Fuzz Gun 2.0


Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0 - Dude Pruner
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0 - Dude Pruner
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0
Fuzz Gun 2.0

Fuzz Gun 2.0

Second Generation Fuzz Gun IPL

Hair-free in just a few sessions

No more prickly regrowth

No nicks, cuts or chemicals on your precious jewels. Ever.

Snow Balls™ Ice  Cooling Technology 

Powerful 15 j/cm2 Xenon Quartz Tube

999,999 flashes for 30+ years of use

Single Shot, Glide, and Full Auto modes


90 Day

Free Shipping

Why The Fuzz Gun 2.0 Beats Your Beard Trimmer 

Dude Pruner manscaping keeps men's skin smooth and hair free


The Fuzz Gun 2.0 destroys the hair at the root, giving you the smoothest skin possible

If you have manscaped in the past, Dude Pruner will stop the prickly regrowth that comes with shaving men's body hair.

No Prickles

No one likes having a prickly pair. The Fuzz Gun 2.0 makes prickly regrowth a thing of the past

Dude Pruner's Fuzz Gun 2.0 is a IPL laser device made for men. Unlike shaving or other kinds of manscaping, you can't nick or cut your nuts.

No Nicks or Cuts

There's no blades, so there's no chance to cut your precious nutsack

Save time and stop shaving or manscaping with Dude Pruner


Up to 4 months between maintenance sessions, keeping you smoother for longer. No more shaving every few days

Keep Your Berries Smooth