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Fuzz Gun 2.0

Tired of shaving every few days? Sick of prickly stubble on your balls? Stop hair growing back in 4 - 12 sessions, and throw away your razor.

  • Stops hair growing back anywhere on your body including groin, face, chest, legs, and scalp
  • Smooth hair-free skin without the constant shaving
  • No more prickly regrowth, in-grown hairs, or razor burn
$199.95 Regular price $274.95

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The pruner is so easy to use and is really excellent at reducing hair growth, and will, if used correctly, rid you of unwanted hair growth all over your body. It is without doubt the best buy for me this decade!" - Graham H.


90 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Go Hair-Free On Your Body, Butt, and Balls

Say goodbye to prickly, itchy stubble on your balls, or anywhere else... Forever.

Boost your confidence, hygiene (no more swamp-ass), and attractiveness with permanent hair removal. 

The Fuzz Gun 2.0 will stop unwanted hair regrowing by destroying the hair at the root with an intense pulse of light (IPL), giving you smooth
hair- free skin. 

This is the same IPL laser technology used in hair removal salons, but without the high cost, or having a salon technician getting down in your junk. 

Our Snow Balls™ Ice Cooling Technology cools the delicate skin on your sack, safely dissipating all heat from the treatment head to give you the gentlest permanent hair removal treatment available. 

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What's In The Box

  • Fuzz Gun 2.0
  • FREE: Pair of Shades
  • FREE: Disposable Shaver
  • Power Adaptor
  • Instruction Manual

Return Policy

Dudes, we've got your back! Every order is backed by our Fuzz Free Guarantee, meaning you have 90 days to use and love it or your money back!

Fuzz Gun 2.0

$199.95 USD Regular price $274.95 USD

5 Minute Treatments

The Fuzz Gun 2.0's ultra-wide laser window means faster treatments with less flashes. 

Snow Balls™ Ice Cooling Technology 

Our proprietary technology cools down the head of the Fuzz Gun 2.0 to a cool 40 degrees farenheit. Giving you that oh so cool sensation down there.

30+ Years of Flashes

Each handset comes with a 30 Year flash guarantee. If you ever run out, we'll replace your handset free of charge.

Designed For Your Delicate Jewels

We've developed the highest intensity lamp that gets rid of hair fast without the pain. After all, the crown jewels are precious.

How The Fuzz Gun 2.0 Works


Don't be shy, zap those suckers!  Treat once per week for the first 4-12 weeks for best results.

Hair Naturally Sheds

Your hair will naturally fall out and regrowth is delayed

maintain the lawn

Continue to use the Fuzz Gun 2.0 on your problem areas every 2-4 months.

Less Hair, More Savings

Other hair removal options cost a fortune. The Fuzz Gun 2.0 gets rid of unwanted hair on your arms, legs, chest and even your private man-bits, without breaking the bank. You have better things to buy right?

"I used it on my shaft and balls for about 3 weeks and so far it has been amazing. I was getting a little stubble down there, but it gets less and less with every treatment." - Daniel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

FDA Approved, skin-safe technology

The Fuzz Gun 2.0 has been tested under the strictest conditions and standards to deliver long-term results that won't damage your skin.

What's In The Box

The Fuzz Gun 2.0 comes with everything you need to be hair-free on your body, butt and balls.

☑ The Fuzz Gun 2.0 IPL Handset
☑ Power Supply
☑ Anti-flash Sunglasses
☑ Safety Razor
☑ Instruction Manual
☑ 12 Month Warranty
☑ 90 Day Fuzz-Free Guarantee

Our Fuzz-Free Guarantee

Try The Fuzz Gun 2.0 for 90 days. If you've still got a prickly set of nuts, we'll give you a full refund. No strings attached.

Want To Go A Little Deeper?

Will it work for me?

The Fuzz Gun 2.0 IPL laser hair removal handset will givesalon-level results for most people, the exception being those withvery dark skin(Type VI on the Fitzpatrick Scale), orvery light (bright white) hair, or red hair. If you are unsure if you fall into these categories, send a picture of your forearm or chest to our helpfulsupport-dudes, and we will let you know if it will work for you.

Intense Pulsed light (IPL) is a highly effective, clinical proven technology used widely in clinics and salons around the world to gently remove unwanted hair, and keep it away long term. It has been in widespread use since 1997. The Fuzz Gun 2.0 allows you to access this technology at home, for a fraction of the price of a salon.

What is Snow Balls™ Ice Cooling Technology?

Snow Balls™ Ice Cooling Technology cools down the head of the Fuzz Gun 2.0 to a cool 5℃. This offsets any heat generated by the flash bulb, giving you the gentlest, pain-free hair removal treatment possible. 

Can I use this on my nutsack?

The Fuzz Gun 2.0 has been designed specifically with your delicate twig n berries in mind. Our aim is to take away the risk of nicks and cuts on your nuts that come with using a traditional beard trimmer, as well erasing the 3 day growth and itchiness, giving you the smoothest sack possible. Naturally, fellow Dude Pruners also use the Fuzz Gun 2.0 on their back, chest, butt, legs, scalp, and arm pits. You do you.

Can women use The Fuzz Gun 2.0?

Ladies love getting their hands on a Fuzz Gun. Although we made a male specific IPL device, the Fuzz Gun 2.0 is gentle enough for women to use wherever they have unwanted hair, including bikini, legs, armpits and face.

Is it battery operated?

The Fuzz Gun 2.0 is not battery operated and needs to be powered by the included power supply for it to operate. 

Is the treatment painful?

Unlike laser hair removal, IPL or intense pulsed light hair removal is generally considered to be much safer and less painful. This is because IPL uses a multi-spectrum bulb vs a single-wavelength laser. You may feel a slight tingle in sensitive areas but don't worry you can take it! 

Is the hair loss permanent?

After using the Fuzz Gun 2.0 following our treatment plan, you should see 80% hair removal. When using your new Fuzz Gun you are destroying hair folicles that are currently in the 'anagen' hair growth phase. There is a chance that hairs that weren't in the 'anagen' phase during treatment will still grow. This is why we recommend using the Fuzz Gun 2.0 every 1-2 months as needed.

How often should I use the Fuzz Gun 2.0?

We recommend using your Fuzz Gun 2.0 twice per week for the first two months to see permanent results and then every 1-2 months as required for touch ups.

Hear From Some Used-To-be Hairy guys

'Let The Pruning Begin'

'Partner and I like to keep the family jewels smooth and this seemed like a good way to do it. I'm 3 sessions in and have noticed the hair is much slower to reappear than usual. I'm hopeful this is a good solution. Not likely to use it anywhere else but on the sack though. Easy to use. No pain at all.'

'Best hair remover I have found yet'

'I have tried other IPL hair remover systems before. This one actually has given me results. It’s easy to use, small and the cooling head really does help to make the whole process less painful. I highly recommend Fuzz Gun 2.0 to anyone wanting to permanently remove hair from their body.'

'The Fuzz Buster :)'

'I think it wonderful! As of yet I’m not using it as often as I would like however it has worked great at minimizing hair growth in the garden 🪴 😄 I recommend the Fuzz Gun 2.0 for anyone'

Customer Reviews

Based on 255 reviews
Stop weed whacking your garden of Eden every Sunday and get back your holy place

Are you sick of fuzzy berries groing off your shaggy tree. Tired of having to whack those weeds every church Sunday. This device will help keep your forbidden fruit fuzz free aswell as keeping the tree of life from growing that hairy bark. Easy to follow instructions will make your garden of Eden a place your partner wants to worship all year round. So if your looking for a fuzz free garden look no further. Follow the instructions and after a few weeks your garden will be like a smooth rock garden of tranquillity. Not a weed in sight. Give it a go and save yourself the time of weed wracking and get back that smooth place for you and your partner.

I recommend shaving down their with a decent razor before your first laser blasting. Keep that ball sack skin pulled tight to, you don't want anything to touch that bulb.

I have fairly pale skin so it worked fantastic for me, and has plenty of flashes so you will never run out. My partner is doing her garden with it now to!

Sarah F.
Stole My Dude's Fuzz Gun 2.0!

I LOVE this thing! I got it for my man, but secretly I've been using it and could NOT be happier :) it really does require discipline but the results are so great and treatment is painless!

Good quality

Device quality is good. Ordering was easy. Delivery prompt. Easy to use device. Optimistic about results at this point but need time to get more treatments completed. No skin problems in treated areas noted yet.

Samuel B.
Smooth and painless

I'm fairly early on in my Dude Pruner 2.0 journey but already loving results. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for long-lasting hair removal and smooth skin!

Nick N.
Amazing and Affordable Hair Removal Option

I got my Fuzz Gun 2.0 from DudePruner a few weeks ago, and I’m so impressed with it! I can already see hair growth reduction in the target areas even after the initial weeks of treatment. It’s easy to use and gentle on the body. There’s also no residual soreness unlike laser hair removal. I’m so happy with the outcome of this product so far and cannot wait to see the final results after completing the 12 weeks of treatment! If you’re self-conscious about your body hair and want a removal option you can do yourself, look no further than DudePruner!

Customer R.E.
Dude Pruner Works!

This is an incredible device. I am in my 5th week using Dude Pruner. I have noticed a very slight regrowth of hair. It say to use it 3 months and hair will be gone only with 3 month treatments. I love it.

daniel w.
So far so good.

Great customer service.

Brandon W.
Fuzz Gun 2.0 - An excellent IPL device

I highly recommend the Fuzz Gun 2.0 IPL device. This well priced device works exactly as advertised. Regular use will reduce hair growth substantially. The Fuzz Gun 2.0 is easy to use and the device itself is compact and well constructed. This device will likely last for years and keep me hair free for an extended period.


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