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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mircea B.
I think it works

I’ve been using it for several weeks now but unfortunately I haven’t really noticed any difference

Jason1 W.

I've been using the machine since January, unwanted hair seems to be "slowly disappearing.

Thomas C.
Awesome as promised

Well shipping was very quick. Nicely presented product. Feels good in the hand and as promised, doesn't grab or cut my delicate bits. Use with confidence. Nice porduct, thanks guys. Thumbs up!

Michael D.


Duane W.
It’s as good as they say!

Very happy with my trimmer. Effective and fast. Great service speedy delivery and packaged well. Highly recommend.

Timothy J.

Very good product.
Works as advertised.
8 weeks in, almost zero hair growth.
Very pleased.

Joshua B.
Three stars.

The product is good. Haven’t seen that major of results yet. However I know it takes time. The machine is a bit bulky compared to others on the market. Personally I feel other models on the market can do just as good as this machine.

Jeffrey B.
Best light-based hair removal product I've used

I've used my Dude Pruner Fuzz Gun 2.0 three times since I received it about five weeks ago and so far I am seriously impressed. This is not my first at-home hair removal device. Many years ago I bought an early model Silk'n IPL device for about $500 which required replacement bulbs (at $50 each) about every 700 pulses. It worked pretty well but it was slow and the cost for the bulbs really added up. I replaced it with a newer Silk'n IPL product that boasted lifetime pulses and it worked too but after a couple years, it stopped working. It would turn on but wouldn't flash as though the skin color sensor was going bad.

My next product was the Tria laser hair removal device. As far as I know it's the only actual laser hair removal device on the market (most or all other devices are IPL, Intense Pulsed Light devices). I expected great things from this actual laser-based device but I was highly unimpressed. Besides the expense, I didn't experience much noticeable hair removal from using it and due to the tiny pulse window, treatments were very time-consuming. Also the Tria has a rechargeable battery rather than a cord which meant one, battery would run out and had to be recharged before I could continue treatment, and two, it has to be recharged every couple of weeks whether you're using it or not to maintain the health of the battery. That's a lot of maintenance.

Finally, I ordered the Dude Pruner Fuzz gun 2.0. I was hoping this would be the one that would actually work and keep working over time. So far I'm impressed.

The thing is, my understanding is that at-home light-based hair "removal" devices are really "long-term hair-reduction" devices. They work, but don't remove all the hair and they do require regular maintenance treatments. Electrolysis is true permanent hair removal (I've done some) but it's expensive and extremely time-consuming. It involves a trained practitioner killing and removing one hair at a time with an electric needle and tweezers. Basically expensive torture lol.

Professional laser hair removal is also said to be quite effective due to the powerful machines salons have, but again it's extremely expensive.

The Dude Pruner Fuzz Gun 2.0 has impressed me so far for a number of reasons. First, it's fast. Even set at full power there's a very short delay between pulses, comparable to or better than any device I've used before. Also the bulb window is as big as any other device I've used (much bigger than the Tria) so you can cover large areas much quicker than some other devices. If you're trying to treat large areas such as chest, stomach, legs etc. that's a big deal.

Next, it's clearly powerful. If you've used several other devices then try this one, you can tell by the brightness of the flash it's no wimp.

It's also the most pain-free device I've used. The Snow Balls cooling feature is amazing! The powerful bulb does get really hot but the Snow Balls feature keeps it nice & cool. Every other device I've used has been painful on sensitive areas like the balls and armpits but the Fuzz Gun hasn't caused me any pain at all.

I want to mention that my previous devices all have a safety feature that requires the head of the device to be in perfect contact with skin or it won't flash, which is probably a good thing for people with a low pain tolerance and/or sensitive skin or skin that's dark enough for the device to possibly cause damage. I have extremely pale skin and very dark hair so I'm a perfect candidate for these devices, yet my previous products have all frustrated me because in certain difficult areas such as fingers, elbows and toes I've had trouble getting the device to flash. The Fuzz Gun flashes every time with no fuss at all. I don't know if it's because the sensor is much better or because there is no sensor lol but either way, if you have pale skin and dark hair like me, this device is EASY to use.

Finally, the results. After three treatments (again, following many years of treatments with other devices), I have a very noticeable reduction of hair growth. I am a 54-year old man whose chest, stomach, legs and arms were covered with hair even in my 20s. After three decades of spending money and time trying to get rid of all that hair, I'm optimistic that I may have finally found the solution.